The best camcorders for youtubers

As we said in the article about setup cameras, the camera you choose should be suitable for your shooting conditions. If you have arrived here, it will be because you are curious about the ideal camcorders for youtubers, which will help you record outdoors and on the move. That’s great! Because that means that your project has grown and you want to professionalize it, or you want to experiment with unusual formats and camera angles to differentiate yourself from the rest of YouTubers.

I am sorry to tell you that, in this case, you will have to invest in proper video cameras, which are usually more expensive than photography cameras.

You’ll need to get a stabilizer so that the image does not vibrate and more than one battery, so as not to be left halfway.

It is practically mandatory that for outdoor recordings, you have an external microphone.


What you should ask a camcorder for youtubers

  • Good internal stabilization

  • Recording in Full HD quality, at least

  • Adaptation to tripods

  • Medium lightness, from 0.5 to 3 kg. Too light it would be unstable

  • Rotating screen (desirable to be able to see you when you record yourself)

  • Wide digital zoom autofocus

  • External microphone input

  • Focus, although it can be achieved separately

  • Lens hood

  • 2 batteries

  • Remote control (desirable)

  • WiFi (desirable)

  • Transport case

The best low-cost camcorders for youtubers

Based on the listed requirements, we have selected the 3 video cameras that are giving the public the best results and for a reasonable price.

Of course there are better cameras, but unless you intend to start as a filmmaker, one of these will be enought.

Sony Handycam HDR-CX405Panasonic HC-V180EG-KORDRO 4k
Video Capture Resolution1080p1080p4K Ultra HD

Focal distance
26,8 mm2,06-174 mm50 feet
Weight6.7 ox7.5 ox13.4 ox
Optical zoom30x50xzoom fix
Long-lasting battery (about 2 hours)
Good image quality, although it loses in low light
Good zoom
Acceptable image quality even in low light
Fast charging battery
Includes many accessories
It has night mode to record in infrared
Sony Handycam
Videocámara Sony Handycam
Videocámara Panasonic
Videocámara Panasonic
Videocámara Ordro
Videocámara Ordro

The best camcorder stabilizers for youtubers

Video cameras have an optical stabilizer, which compensates for small movements and vibrations of the camera so that the image that reaches the sensor remains stable while the shutter is open.

But when we talk about recording in motion, this «vibration reducer» is not enough, and then we must go to an external stabilizer.

This accessory consists of a vertical handle with a metallic structure at the top, on which the camera is fixed, and a series of weights at the bottom, which balance the equipment.

Here are our recommendations for stabilizers:

Recording with sport cameras

The so-called GoPro are sports cameras that have become very popular in the last decade and have a large number of accessories that make them very versatile.

They are very manageable, small, stable and resistant. They are used to record in extreme situations such as scuba diving, paragliding, riding on a motorcycle helmet, etc.

Their main flaw is that they only work outdoors in bright light.

You can work with them, when the (extreme) situation requires it, but you will have to spend many hours editing and synchronizing with the audio.

Here are my recommendations for GoPro cameras.

The best sports camcorders for Youtubers

Comparison of the Top 3 sports cameras

Recording with drones

Surely you have seen bird’s eye clips in the middle of a YouTube video, in which they leaned on each other to talk about a place or society. Those scenes are extremely colorful and grateful.

The difficulty lies in having the necessary equipment available, which in this case consists of a drone with a built-in camera.

It is very important that you are aware that there is a regulation on the flight of drones, it is the European Regulation RE 2019/947 and Royal Decree 2019/945.

Before embarking on the filming of aerial scenes, you should know that:

  • Have Civil Liability Insurance
  • Obtain the Official Drone Pilot License, in the case of a drone weighing 8.8 ox or more
  • Do not raise the flight above 393 feet in height during the day, 164 feet at night.
  • Avoid moving it more than 164 feet away from you
  • Prohibited to carry out flights less than 5 miles around a controlled airspace.
  • The drone must carry an identification plate with the pilot’s data
  • Do not record people without their consent

The best camera drones