The Teleprompter or the best time saving gadget for youtubers


We present a tool that can be very useful to you. This is the teleprompter, a very practical accessory for those youtubers who often record videos, which allows us to be able to read a text and not hesitate too much when improvising. If you have a hard time memorizing the script that you have … Leer más

The best PC mouse for content creation

raton youtuber creación de contenido

A PC mouse is an indispensable tool when you are using a computer. If you are dedicated to creating content, you cannot work with a poor quality mouse. Maybe you are only in front of the screen a few hours a day, a standard mouse would be enough suffice, but an audiovisual creator spends the … Leer más

The best tool for live streaming: the Stream Deck

controlador loupedeck

What is a stream deck for? Almost all creators on Twitch are using a stream deck to make their job easier. It is a button panel that acts as a controller. Each button is a direct access to a program or action that you need to perform on your computer instantly. It is tremendously useful … Leer más

Best decorative lights for a youtuber set

iluminación decorativa set

We present you the most amazing decorative lights to complete your youtuber set and be the envy of your audience. Some are much more than just pretty, and all of them will help you present an image of modernity that will attract new generations of followers. Top 10 decorative lights for your youtuber set 1- … Leer más