A setup for objects: the light box

caja de luz

What is a light box? A light box is a small, mountable box with a reflective interior lining and one or more openings for photographing objects under controlled lighting conditions. Professional photographers use these elements to create clean, controlled environments that can be easily manipulated. Different backgrounds can be used and the intensity and color … Leer más

Best decorative lights for a youtuber set

iluminación decorativa set

We present you the most amazing decorative lights to complete your youtuber set and be the envy of your audience. Some are much more than just pretty, and all of them will help you present an image of modernity that will attract new generations of followers. Top 10 decorative lights for your youtuber set 1- … Leer más

The ideal lighting for your setup youtuber

iluminación de set youtuber

The ideal lighting for your youtuber set is one that allows us to see the recorded image well without glare or shadows. With the lighting elements that we have, we have to achieve a soft light that projects towards all the areas of the scene. In this way we will be able to give all … Leer más