Microphones for youtubers: ¿which one is the best?

micros de set

The microphone is a basic tool of a youtuber. The acoustic part is half of the AUDIOvisual work, so you have to take great care of this aspect. Investing in good microphone equipment to record good sound is vital to give your videos a remarkable level, compared to your competitors. The importance of sound recording … Leer más

How to get a set with acoustic isolation for sound recording


If you already have a good microphone system installed, don’t forget to adapt your recording set, using soundproofing and anti-reverberation material, to help capture it without background noise. Getting a good sound recording quality is vital, because audio represents 50% of our videos. We have all seen a video recorded in a large room where … Leer más

The best audio interface for youtubers

grabación audio

One of the great needs when sharing our ideas in the digital world is that we be heard clearly, and that the nuance of our voice be an authentic and genuine expression for the viewer behind the screen. To get this sensation, you’ll need to have complete equipment for sound recording; a good microphone and … Leer más