The best camcorders for youtubers

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As we said in the article about setup cameras, the camera you choose should be suitable for your shooting conditions. If you have arrived here, it will be because you are curious about the ideal camcorders for youtubers, which will help you record outdoors and on the move. That’s great! Because that means that your … Leer más

How to be a smartphone youtuber

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Acquiring good equipment for audiovisual creation is expensive and not recommended for a novice youtuber. You can start a channel with few resources like your own smartphone, as long as you use them well. Like everyone else, you have a smartphone that allows you to make videos of acceptable quality. It’s a great tool in … Leer más

The perfect camera for a youtuber

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We could almost say that there is the same variety of cameras as channel styles on YouTube. It will not be easy to find the perfect camera for your youtuber project, but in this article we are going to break down the features you should look at to find your perfect tool. Choosing the most … Leer más

Stage background design


In a video we are trying to convey ideas, a visual element that will be present all the time and can help us in our goal is the stage background. It is essential to present a background that suits what we are saying, that does not interfere with the message and is aligned with the … Leer más

What screen to choose for your youtuber set?


In this article we are going to analyze what are the important characteristics when choosing your set monitor, with which you are going to edit your videos. You’ll find a small list of the screens that are on the market and that meet those requirements to facilitate you the work as a content creator. How … Leer más