Best decorative lights for a youtuber set

We present you the most amazing decorative lights to complete your youtuber set and be the envy of your audience.

Some are much more than just pretty, and all of them will help you present an image of modernity that will attract new generations of followers.


Top 10 decorative lights for your youtuber set

Cololight luz decorativa para set youtuber

This lamp was awarded at the CES Innovation Award in 2019.

Now you can have it in your study for very little. It is a modular ambient lamp.

A package comes with 6 hexagonal modules + bracket, but you can add as many as you like. You can fit the modules between them in the way you like best. It can be placed on the table or anchored to the wall. It includes its own APP to create the light patterns and colors you want.

There are default scenes, but you can set up to 1755 different ones. The patterns can change to the beat of the music you play.

It can also be synced with smart home devices (Alexa, OK Google, etc).

It is a 32-bit bar, combinable with the ones you want to acquire.

It is sound activated and lights up with the sound that is playing, music or voice.

It has a base to place it vertically, but it can be stuck to a surface. It has buttons to vary the color.

It is a 32 x 32 pixel LED screen. Its 38-bit pixelated, retro-style display is built with industrial-grade LED technology.

It has a single button that is used to turn it on and change the lighting pattern.

It can be placed on a surface, it has a support stick for it, or attached to a glass or mirror with the 2 suction cups it has. It can be infinitely customized with the Divoom APP, display calendar, create signs, temperature, time, phone notifications, set alarms, stopwatch.

It incorporates a microphone to light up to the rhythm of the music.

Very useful both for your setting, and for a store window.

It is a retro decorative table lamp with various functions.

We can find it in 3 colours. It incorporates 28 RGB LEDs.

The battery is charged via USB cable, it usually lasts about 24 hours. At the top there is a rotary button that is used to turn on the lamp and change the lighting effects when we turn it.

On the back there is a button that allows you to modulate the intensity of the light and activate the micro mode to interact with external music. It has the alarm clock function in which it is activated imitating the sunrise.

You can synchronize it with the Divoom APP to get the most out of it, varying the colors, creating patterns, programming it, etc. Allows notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Sign made with Neon flex strips, with the Twitch logo + the word you want (maximum 13 letters).

This type of wall signs will be perfect according your room space or party or game room or even personalize it for the gift.

This high quality custom bar led sign is made to last for years, and is crafted from very durable birch plywood.Size: 50cm * 10cm.


This decorative lights is composed of 6 different pieces of the mythical Tetris game, each one of a different colour.

They can be placed as you like and they will turn on as long as the pieces are in contact with each other and with the piece that makes the base and has the switch and the power connection, the blue bar.

Who hasn’t freaked out putting their hand on the plasma lamp in the science museum? Well, it’s about time you got yours.

It is the same ball illuminated by plasma «lightning bolts», sensitive to touch and also sensitive to background music.

Pokemon has been an iconic series for an entire generation. Give your audience a subconscious wink, leaving their childhood reference in the background of your set.

This decorative light is a crystal ball with the laser printed figure of a Pokemon to choose from and a led light of the character’s color. The base can be install the Button cell 3*AG13, also can use USB.

It is a replica, to scale, of the moon, with internal light of 3 colors.

Using Electromagnetic Induction, The Moon Lamp Illuminates As It Spins. Simply Press The Off Button To Turn Off The Light, And The Moon Will Remain Floating In The Air.

What makes it an amazing gadget is its magnetic base, which levitates it a few centimeters above it and allows it to rotate.

It is a lamp that hangs over the monitor and allows to illuminate the desk.

The light is projected forward and not on the screen, which could be a hindrance.

It can also be manually adjusted to change the brightness and color temperature by long-press the stepless dimming key. 3000K-6500K stepless color temperature adjustment allows you to switch between cold light and warm light for a comfortable work environment all day.

It’s made up of a strip of LEDs and a reflective sheet that focuses the light forward.

It is a very useful product to be able to see the keyboard well or read a document on the desk without having to turn on the light in the whole room.