The best desk for your youtuber set

When we talk about desk for a youtuber set, we refer to a robust, practical and ergonomic desk, which must withstand the weight of the (expensive) computer, screen, microphone, camera and spotlights, and also facilitate the work of the creator, because he/she is going to spend many hours on it, working.

The requirements to ask your youtuber set table are:

  • Height between 70 – 75 cm. This is the height that allows you to place the elbow of the hand holding the mouse at a right angle, and therefore in an ergonomic position.
  • Wide, more than 65 cm wide and more than 120 cm long, so that you can fit all the elements necessary for your work, and to be able to place the monitor at a healthy distance (more than 50 cm from the eyes).
  • Robust to be able to anchor the supports of the screens, microphones, cable holders, etc. legs that do not bother or impede our mobility.
  • Free space under the table to be able to move your legs freely.
  • Matte finish, so as not to create reflections that bother the eye.


The best youtuber set desks on the market

We have differentiated 2 types of desk; rectangular and corner, so you can choose the one that best suits the space you have.

In each one we are going to tell you about its strengths and weaknesses so that you can better choose your ideal youtuber set desk.

Rectangular youtuber set desk

mesa youtuber table Himimi

It’s big enough to hold up to three monitors. It has 3 different models, all three with good measurements.

Provides optimal ergonomic wrist and forearm positioning, with smooth contoured edges, a T-shaped, high-strength welded steel leg frame for maximum stability, with four leveling feet.

Contains cup holders, headphone hook and 2 cable management holes that maximize your space with purpose designed storage.

  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with a mat that occupies the entire table, holders for headphones, cables and a glass.
  • Wide enough to place 3 monitors.
  • Tremors when leaning on it.

  • It is necessary to have your own tools for assembly.

  • The upper board is divided into 2 parts.

This is a retro industrial style desk for a sleek look and high-end feel, with a table top for display placement, saving space.

There are 3 sizes to choose from.

Constructed with environmentally friendly materials. It comes with a hook, which can be useful for holding some headphones.

The structure of the legs has reinforcements to improve stability.

  • High quality materials

  • Good after-sales service

  • Walnut wood finish gives a very nice look.

  • lack of stability in the larger format.

  • The floating shelf is not fixed and when placing the screen on top it can tilt.

  • The included screws are too short.

Simple modern style desk, suitable for all kinds of environment.

Made with E1 grade eco-friendly wood with no industrial glue and 0 formaldehyde release. The table legs use an epoxy spray painting process.

It is easy to install, you just have to anchor the 4 legs to the sheet with 8 screws.

It contains a cable holder, a shelf to place the screen and two holes in the wood, one deeper than the other.

  • Spacious, perfectly fit 2 x 27» screens

  • Extremely easy to assemble.

  • Cheap price.

  • The edges, where the forearms usually rest, are not well filed and scratch.

  • Its finish gets dirty easily.

  • Capacity of the height adjustment of the legs is less than 1″.

Corner youtuber set desks

Environmentally friendly desktop, shockproof, waterproof. You can choose white or black.

Ideal for office, children’s room or office.

It offers a generous work surface, 59 x 54 x 29.5″, with keyboard tray.


  • Spacious

  • Stable

  • Economic

  • Due to its design, it does not allow sitting in front of the corner.

  • There is a gap of 0.4″ between the table and the wall.

  • Low quality finishes.

Modern and simple desk, it is built with a stable metal X-frame design to ensure excellent stability.

It has large storage space, it also comes with a PC stand.

The surface is made of eco-friendly wood, in 3 possible colors, E1 grade without any industrial glue, and 0 formaldehyde release.

Dimensions: 39 x 24.5 x 6.7 inches; 62 lb.

  • Robustness, able to support a large number of accessories on.

  • Amplitude easy assembly.

  • All pieces are marked for easy instructions.

  • The PC support is not attached to the table.

  • The 3 caps may be misaligned.

  • The wood panels are quite shiny so it leaves marks.

E1 grade solid particle wood double wide desktop with high scratch and friction resistance; the metal frames are 1.2mm thick, stronger than usual.

The perfect size: (59+59) x 21.65 x 30 inches (length x width x height).

The table is robust and weighs about 60.6 lb; The L-shaped desk has a large capacity to offer enough space to store your computer, printer, documents, books, lamps and flower pots.

Ideal for studying and working. Computer table with simple and elegant design.

  • Sturdiness

  • Stability

  • Spacious

  • The place where the computer tower is supposed to be contains no holes for the cables.

  • The different sheets are separated from each other.

  • It comes with wrong holes.