The ideal lighting for your setup youtuber

The ideal lighting for your youtuber set is one that allows us to see the recorded image well without glare or shadows.

With the lighting elements that we have, we have to achieve a soft light that projects towards all the areas of the scene.

In this way we will be able to give all the information to the viewer and be favored, since the imperfections will not be seen too much.

It’s a matter of finding the balance between too much and too little brightness in the scene.

Although the video editor can make certain adjustments to the lighting, do not think that it works miracles.

The ideal is to have a fixed and sufficient lighting on the set and shoot all the video in the same conditions.

The ideal model of scene lighting is 3 points. The functions of each of these lights, you will see below.

3_point lighting for set youtuber


Key light

It should be placed next to the camera and slightly elevated so that it focuses at 45º downwards.

In this way we will avoid being bothered by looking towards the camera, but offering a good image of our face.

For this function, an LED spotlight, a light bulb or a light ring can be used.

An LED spotlight allows greater intensity control, through a controller, and is also low consumption.

The bulb focus is the classic. It will consume the same as the bulbs you use. You can unscrew some to modulate the brightness intensity. It is practically essential to combine this spotlight with a diffuser.

The ring light is practical for cases where the main character appears in a close shot, because it illuminates the face very well and the bright eyes are seen, although, if it is placed too close, it can result in an overexposed image.

Placing it at a greater distance or combining it with a diffuser, its effect is attenuated.


It is very useful to have a diffuser, which can be a ring with a support, a white umbrella or a white sheet.

Its function is to «dilute» the light from the spotlight, like on a cloudy day, so that it looks dimmer but more dispersed, in short, of better quality.

Fill light

It is a second light point, which we will place on the other side of the camera to avoid the shadows that the key light causes.

If the first focus is on the right, the second will be on the left.

For this function, a reflector can also be used, which is a screen that has a mirror or white effect and reflects the light that reaches it from the main focus. The reflector should be placed in front of the main focus beam, trying not to be seen in the scene.

Back light

The clipping light or backlight is the focus that illuminates us from behind. It should not be seen in the scene.

It is used to cut out the silhouette of the person that appears on the screen and separate it from the background of the scene.

This effect is quite necessary when we work with a textured background, an office with bookstores in the background, offices with other people working behind us.

Background light

Background lights are one or more spotlights that illuminate the wall behind us.

Its function is to form different textures in our background, which highlight our image. Color gels can be included to give the image of our videos a personalized touch.

Youtuber set lighting kits

There are several sets on the market for 1, 2 or 3 light points, which include reflectors and diffusers, even colored gels to experiment with the lighting of your scene, at a very reasonable price.

Here we quote the best sellers for those of you who are looking for the perfect lighting for your set.

Kit of 1 lighting point for youtuber set

Kit of 2 lighting points for youtuber set

Kit of 3 lighting points for youtuber set