Microphones for youtubers: ¿which one is the best?

The microphone is a basic tool of a youtuber. The acoustic part is half of the AUDIOvisual work, so you have to take great care of this aspect.

Investing in good microphone equipment to record good sound is vital to give your videos a remarkable level, compared to your competitors.


The importance of sound recording

If you record from the microphone of your camera or smartphone, you will immediately realize the low quality of your recordings because of how far away it is from the sound emission.

If your video has voice, it needs to be heard clearly, without background noise. You can use background music, but this should in no way cover the voice.

It is important that the decibels do not exceed the threshold of 0, indicated by the recording software or video editor. A noise reducer or a compressor can be useful.

Although the most effective clue is to record the voice at a volume that is not excessive and with a total absence of noise.

It is basic to find a place without any noise. Turn off the air conditioner, fan or any equipment that causes a humming or noise.

To reduce reverberation is also important, which is caused by sound bouncing off bare walls, in rooms with little furniture. To avoid reverberation, the maximum surface of the walls, floor and ceiling must be covered with textiles or foams.

How to choose the microphone you need?

There is a wide variety of microphones depending on pickup pattern, connection, size, etc.

Here is a guide for you to find the ideal microphone according to the use you need.

Types of microphones according to the direction of the sound

There are 4 main types of microphones depending on the direction from which the sound it records comes from:

  • Cardioid Pattern: Picks up sound from only one direction (unidirectional). It does not record the rest of addresses. It is ideal for use by a single broadcaster or broadcaster. Most microphones are like this.
  • Supercardioid: it is a variant of the cardioid, which has the peculiarity of better rejecting ambient sound, outside the direction of pickup. It is the typical pattern of shotgun microphones.
  • Omnidirectional: allows recording in all directions. It is useful if you want to record sounds from a stage or if there are several people talking around a table.
  • Bidirectional: sound is captured in two opposite directions at the same intensity. It is useful for recording live interviews with the 2 people facing each other.

Types of microphones according to the type of connection

Another feature to consider is the type of microphone connection. This can be:

  • XLR: This is the most typical connection. You’ll see her on concert microphones. It is the most robust and secure when the cable is several meters long. It guarantees a great quality of the signal, on the other hand it cannot be connected directly to a PC, but to a mixing table or sound card (interface).
  • USB: if the microphone has this connection, it means that it has a built-in interface, and is capable of translating the acoustic signal into digital by itself. It is very practical for podcasting, not recommended for recording instruments, although its quality improves every time.
  • Wireless: we will save ourselves from carrying and getting tangled up with cables if we use this equipment that emits low frequency waves towards a receiver connected to the sound card or PC. They will be necessary in the event that we move during the recording of our videos.


When we talk about a microphone for a youtuber set, we will have to make the decision if we want the microphone to be seen, it is the case of a desktop microphone or not. To hide the microphone we can opt for a lavalier microphone or have a shotgun mic mounted on the camera, or a «normal» mic mounted on a spider mount that holds it out of shot.

We found a microphone format especially valuable for gamers. These are the headphones with a microphone, which are also used by youtubers who need to listen as much as they talk, as in the case of interviews or music reviews. In these situations it is essential to be able to have an interaction with a sound, interlocutor or the audience, without causing the interference of recording what is heard.

The best omnidirectional and bidirectional microphones

The following models are very versatile microphones that feature several of these patterns.

You should only select the one that interests you according to the position of what you intend to record.

Any of them will be useful if what you want is to capture the sounds of everything that happens on the set or environment, or use a single microphone to record the conversation of several people around it.

  • Condenser capsule, delivers crystal-clear audio quality that’s light years ahead.

  • Multiple polar patterns. The cardioid pattern is perfect for recording and streaming, while omni puts you “in the room” for conference calls.

  • Adjustable tripod desktop stand, allowing you to position the USB microphone in relation to the sound source for improved vocal and audio quality.

  • Fine-tune your sound with deep control of Snowball. Manage your mic gain and more right from your desktop.

  • Start recording quickly and easily with driver-free operation on Mac and PC.

blue snowball mic youtuber set
  • Custom three-capsule array: micro USB for broadcast-quality sound for YouTube, Twitch, podcasting, and more.

  • Blue VO!CE Software – Elevate your broadcasts and recordings with enhanced effects and advanced modulation.

  • Four pickup patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo.

  • Audio controls: headphone volume, pattern selection, mute, and mic gain.

  • Adjustable design: adjustable table stand.

  • Plug’n Play: set up your microphone in seconds. Plug it in and start recording and streaming to your Mac or PC.

  • With 2 custom mic capsules get professional recording and broadcasting.

  • Blue VO!CE Software: Entertain your audience with high-definition effects, modulation, and samples.

  • Multiple Pickup Patterns: Cardioid and omnidirectional are suitable for quality recording and streaming, Zoom meetings, podcasting and more.

  • Latency-free monitoring with integrated headphone output and volume control.

  • Compact and aesthetic design: The Yeti Nano USB condenser microphone fits on any table and looks good in front of the camera.

Best Stereo Microphones for Content Creation

These microphones actually have 2 sound pickup sources on opposite sides; the right mic will record sounds from this side, playing louder through the right earphone, and the sound picked up by the left mic will play in the earphone on that side. It is useful for recording live music or creating sound effects that provide spatial information to the receiver.

  • Acoustic principle: stereo microphone.

  • 90M-BM- Configuration: X/Y.

  • Each capsule includes a single externally biased capacitor.

  • Directional pattern: cardioid for each capsule.

  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.

  • It can be used with the ORTF technique or placed at a distance of 8 inches and at an angle of 90º.

  • Capturing a warmer sound and with a more precise location of the front «focus».

  • 2 matched cardioid capsules, 1/2″ gold plated diaphragm.

  • Includes cable (5-pin female to 2 3-pin males) and windscreen.

  • 2 KM184 microphones.
  • Comes with windscreen WNS 100 x 2 Units.
  • Swivel clamp SG 21/1.
  • Omnidirectional and unidirectional polarity pattern.
  • Frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Best USB Cardioid pattern Microphones

This type of microphone can be connected directly to the PC because they include a built-in sound card, therefore they do not need an external sound interface. It also allows electrical power. It is useful for audiovisual creation environments in which the announcer cannot be seen, because they must be close to a computer and are somewhat large. If you manage to soundproof your set well, you could use this type of microphone directly connected to the computer, without anything else.

  • High-quality studio microphone with the convenience of USB connectivity.

  • Pop shield, tripod desk mount, ring stand, storage bag, and 6m (20′) USB cable.

  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for zero latency monitoring.

  • Direct mix control between microphone input and source output.

  • Compatible with Apple iPad, Compatible with SMR Windshield and WS2 Foam Windshield.

  • Equipped with a USB 2.0 data port, no need for additional driver software, sound card or phantom power, plug and play.

  • It is compatible with Macs, PCs and PS4. (Note: Not compatible with phones,Xbox).

  • Includes 1 x Microphone with Power Cable, 1 x Tripod Desk Stand with Foldable Legs, 1 x Mini Shock Mount, 1 x Pop Filter, 1 x Manual.

  • Equipped with a 16mm large diaphragm, wide frequency response (20Hz to 20kHz).

  • With a volume and power button.

  • Robust all-metal suspension arm mount that extends vertically up to 27.5». Maximum desktop thickness: 45mm.

  • Package includes condenser microphone, adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, desk mount clamp, pop filter, microphone foam cover, 71» USB A to B cable, and manual.

The best cardioid XLR microphones

It is the quintessential handheld microphone, used on TV and in musical environments.

They allow more mobility and are very robust and reliable.

It is the most used in professional environments.

It’s thicker and better balanced, which means it’s less prone to interference, even if the cable is very long.

It also allows electrical power for those microphones that require it, called Phantom.

They come from the audio world, so they require a sound interface and the sound will be recorded separately from the image.

They can then be easily synced with programs like PluralEyes.

These types of microphones are ideal if you also intend to use them for musical themes, or present events, or record in a large set, as they are the ones that can use the longest cable.

  • Tailor-made microphone capsule design for natural clarity in the voice frequency range.

  • The cardioid polar pattern picks up sound from the source while rejecting unwanted noise.

  • Updated industrial design with a metallic black finish and grille for an understated look.

  • On/Off switch for discreet control of microphone handling.

  • High sound pressure level and an amazing dynamic range, making it a particularly versatile microphone.

  • Ø16mm low-mass diaphragm provides wide frequency response.

  • Cardioid polar pattern that improves isolation of the desired sound source and a reduction of sound coming from the sides and rear.

  • Fixation by means of a screw and rotating foot that guarantees a secure fixation and facilitates the positioning of the microphone.

  • It needs to be connected to a 48V phantom power supply, an audio interface, a sound mixer or a preamplifier.

  • With a low noise FET preamplifier, precise SPL management, and a wide dynamic range, to provide a natural, warm, very clear and clean sound.

  • The T20 adopts a cardioid polar pattern with excellent ability to suppress off-axis sound.

  • Extendable steel arm suitable for most microphones.It can be fixed on tables with a maximum thickness of 2.4”.

The Best Wired Lavalier Microphones

Lavalier or lapel/tie microphones have a clip to be attached to clothing.

They are small and hardly visible.

You have to be careful and not touch your lapel or your clothes to avoid creating noise.

There are wireless versions that broadcast to a receiver.

  • Professional Lavalier Microphone with 3.5mm TRS connector.

  • Pairs perfectly with the RØDE Wireless Go and most recording devices with a 3.5mm TRS microphone input.

  • Kevlar reinforced cable.

  • Includes pop shield and durable mounting clip.

  • High quality omnidirectional condenser capsule.

  • Discreet design that connects to a 3.5mm female jack, via a TRRS connector.

  • Perfect for videography, interviews and dictation.

  • Best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio, headroom and maximum SPL.

  • Supplied with windscreen, clothing clip, carrying case and user guide.

  • Clip-on microphone for smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, etc.

  • Omnidirectional condenser microphone. High quality condenser ideal for video use.

  • Free windshield together and low handling noise.

  • Vidpro XM-L Wired Lavalier Microphone, 20ft Audio Cable.

The best wireless lavalier microphones

For those cases in which the announcer must move on the scene or is far from the camera, it will be necessary for the lapel microphone to be wireless.

It will be attached to an emitter, commonly called a «beltpack» attached to the belt, and the receiver is connected to the camera.

It is important that they are of good quality, because a bad microphone will lose the connection between transmitter and receiver and the recording can be cut off.

We do not want to have to repeat the work, so I will only talk about products that guarantee good service.

  • Kit with transmitter, receiver and lavalier microphone.

  • Omnidirectional pattern.

  • Rode Lavalier microphone with OLED screen.

  • Range up to 328 feet.

  • AA type battery or USB powered.

  • It features a 2.4GHz frequency spectrum, which offers a safe and stable audio system up to a range of 50feet.

  • Weighing 1.13ox each and measuring 2×1.62×0.63 inches, it supports built-in and external microphones flexibly.

  • Compatible with devices with 3.5mm interfaces such as mobiles, tablets, PCs, DSLRs, camcorders, etc. 0-4 level receiver gain adjustment.

  • Working distance up to 50 feet.

  • It pairs automatically.

  • Latency is reduced to less than 20ms, high fidelity and fast transmission.

  • Mono / stereo switch.

  • Built-in lithium battery, recharges with USB cable. LCD screen.

The best shotgun microphones for cameras

These microphones are easily recognizable because they are cylindrical and long, have a directional pattern, and pick up sound from the direction they are focused.

They are usually used fixed above the filming camera, allowing some mobility but staying away from the sound source, so it is convenient to bring the camera closer and record in quiet environments.

It can also be fixed on a long support or pole, which allows sound to be captured from a distance, typical of interviews on the street or filming.

  • Compatible with any DSLR camera that has a microphone input and provides power (plug-in power) through this same port.

  • Includes 35 cm cable with 3.5 mm plug. SPL equivalent noise of 34 dBA.

  • Frequency range from 100 Hz to 16 kHz.

  • Cardioid Pattern: Isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise, brings out the best vocal performance with a smooth frequency response range.

  • Stereo adapter and mini Jack. Compatible with all DSLR cameras with 3.5mm/6.35mm microphone input jack and hot shoe. 27″ XLR cable.

  • Supercardio directional shotgun microphone for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic SLR cameras with 3.5 mm mini-Jack input.

  • Works with 2 AA batteries.

  • Low cut filter and 10dB sensitivity adjustment.

The best shotgun microphones for smartphones

  • Compact size and lightweight – only 3.15 inches long and 1.5oz.

  • All-metal microphone body.

  • Rechargeable lithium battery.

  • Rycote Lyre shock mount included.

  • Deluxe furry windshield included.

  • The optimal recording distance is 1.5-3 feet. Perfect for shooting YouTube videos.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of devices including iPhone, Android, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, tablets and laptops.

  • Plug&Play configuration. Omnidirectional pattern.

  • Includes additional Type C to 3.5mm adapter and phone holder.

  • Cable TRRS output cable (for smartphone, tablet or Mac), TRS output cable (for DSLR cameras, camcorders, recorders), shock mount, soft case, furry windshield, foam windshield cover.

The best headphones with microphone for youtubers

In some situations it is necessary to separate the audio reception from the broadcast, to avoid feedback or echo, for example, in online interviews or video calls.

For these cases, we have the microphones associated with a headset.

Some of these have noise cancellation thanks to which you will avoid distractions during the recording.

  • Sound quality for Internet use and gaming.

  • Noise-canceling microphone for clear conversations.

  • Durable construction and lightweight design and for excellent wearing comfort.

  • Plug and Play connectivity for quick and easy installation.

  • Noise Canceling Microphone.

  • The placement of the rigid microphone on the left side can be adjusted.

  • In-Cable Controls let you adjust volume or mute calls without interrupting use.

  • Headbands and Padded Headphone Pieces.

  • USB connection allows Plug and Play use.

  • Digital Stereo Sound.

  • USB wired headset for PC/Mac.

  • Acoustic spike protection for your safety.

  • Duo version with higher audio quality.

  • Lightweight metal headband: durability with fit.

  • Call control from cable: pick up / hang up.

The best headphones with microphone for gamers

Within the section of headphones with a microphone are those from the world of video games.

They fulfill the same functions as the previous ones, but they are also usually showy, large and with LED lights.

Here are the best sellers.

  • They work with PS4, PS5, PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One X Controller, PSP, PC, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, Mobile Phone and most other devices with 3.5mm audio jack. NOTE: Xbox One S requires an additional adapter.

  • The USB interface is used to charge the LED lights.

  • Provides high-quality simulated surround sound.

  • Noise Cancellation. Filters out most of the ambient noise.

  • Ergonomically optimized fit. The padded headband, the soft and resistant cushions and the adjustable microphone guarantee maximum comfort.

  • Micro Stereo Bass LED light for gaming.

  • Compable to all 3.5mm interface devices: Xbox One/ Xbox oneS/ PS4/ Switch/ iPad/ PC/ Phone/ Laptop, it has a 2 in 1 adapter (Old Xbox One needs a Microsoft adapter).

  • It has a 2.1 meter braided cable.

  • Noise canceling, receive crystal clear sound quality, without interference.

  • Memory foam cushions cover the entire ear and eliminate external sound.

  • The closed shell design and 40mm drivers with enhanced bass for an immersive experience.

  • Gaming Headphones-Plug & play, no driver required.

  • Compatible for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Mac/PC/Laptop, Tablet and other USB port compatible peripherals.

  • 2″ audio driver with neodymium magnets, with an extended frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz.

  • Immersive 7.1 surround sound. Enjoy expansive sound and a more immersive gaming experience.

  • Microphone Noise Cancellation

  • They combine elements of matte, clear metal and minimal distortion.

  • The internal area of the headband is padded to avoid pressure on the ears, guaranteeing hours of comfort.