The best PC mouse for content creation

A PC mouse is an indispensable tool when you are using a computer. If you are dedicated to creating content, you cannot work with a poor quality mouse.

Maybe you are only in front of the screen a few hours a day, a standard mouse would be enough suffice, but an audiovisual creator spends the whole day in front of the computer.

You should start worrying about both the health of your wrist and the use of your time.

A good PC mouse designed for content creation will help you be more productive while taking care of your arm.

We have selected, from among the best sellers on the market, the mice that meet these 2 requirements; ergonomics and extra buttons to make your editing work easier. Choose yours and show the world what you can do with it.


Kensinton K72327EU SlimBlade

mouse Kensinton K72327EU ratón para creación de contenidoU Ratón SlimBlade

It is a trackball mouse. This type of mouse has a large ball that allows you to have your hand in a more natural position and not have to move your entire arm to direct the cursor, since you only control it with the finger that rotates this ball.

The praise it receives from users with ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome stands out for this model.

  • It’s aesthetically nice

  • It works with laser technology that gives it a lot of precision

  • Works for both right and left handers

  • Comes with a mediocre quality mat

  • It works with cable, so you lose freedom of movement

  • It’s flat and big, so it takes up a lot of space

It’s a vertical PC mouse, so you can keep your wrist in its natural position and not rotated 90º, as with common mice.

This mouse also has a small joystick that provides more usability options, especially for games.

It has Led lighting, which is also customizable in terms of color, brightness and effects.

  • Very comfortable, so you ensure good health for your arm.

  • It stands out for its precision in fields such as photo editing and technical drawing.

  • It’s easily configurable, even if you are not used to dealing with Macros.

  • The joystick is not very comfortable and for shooting games (shooter) it is not recommended

  • If you have a small hand, it will be difficult to reach the side buttons

  • Luckily it is quite intuitive, since the instructions are completely useless

The main feature of this mouse is that it has 3 interchangeable side plates, with 2, 7 and 12 buttons, to adapt it to your needs.

At its maximum capacity, it has 19 programmable buttons.

Razer is a brand with a long history in the computer and gaming world.

  • The 19 buttons give you a lot of versatility.

  • It’s light and comfortable.

  • Being able to change the side plate, allows it to be adjusted to different uses and/or users.

  • There is only a right-handed version

  • The quality of the materials is lower compared to other models of the brand

  • It’s less ergonomic than its predecessors

This PC mouse is completely ergonomic, it has 9 buttons and it has a led screen on the top that shows the battery and connection level.

Allows you to adjust the speed (1200-1600-2000-2400 dpi) and has an on/off switch to save energy. 

The functionality of the programmable buttons may vary depending on the operating system.

  • It is ecological, because it does not take batteries but a rechargeable battery

  • The ergonomics are very well worked out and there is really no possibility of injury

  • It has programmable buttons so you can save time by performing functions with a single click

  • It is only available for right-handers

  • Not comfortable for big hands

  • It works with a blue laser, which is less precise than the red one

We could not leave the leading brand in the market.

This PC mouse is specially designed for gaming, so its speed and precision have been enhanced.

It has 15 programmable controls, 6 of them for the thumb. It works with dual connectivity; Bluetooth and Lightspeed (using WIFI), and needs a single AA battery.

  • The + and – buttons allow you to speed up and slow down the speed of the cursor, without having to program it.

  • You can program the wheel to scroll horizontally and to scroll without a brake.

  • The fact of having 2 connectivity systems allows you to use it simultaneously on 2 computers. Just press a button to switch from one to the other.

  • It can be extremely sensitive and move the cursor just by resting the index on its button.

  • There is only right handed version.

  • It works with battery, so you will have to change it when it runs out.

Choose your ideal mat

Once you have obtained a mouse cucumber, you will have to adapt your workspace to give it travel, precision and speed. For this you must have a mat.

As for mats, there are the giant ones, which occupy the entire work surface, and apart from protecting the table, you can forget about placing them where you need them.

Although there are also somewhat smaller mats, for those who want to show off their desktop and be more contained in their wrist movements.

We show you the most outstanding car mat models on the market, so you can choose the one that suits you best.