How to be a smartphone youtuber

Acquiring good equipment for audiovisual creation is expensive and not recommended for a novice youtuber. You can start a channel with few resources like your own smartphone, as long as you use them well.

Like everyone else, you have a smartphone that allows you to make videos of acceptable quality. It’s a great tool in the palm of your hand. With it, you can be a smartphone youtuber.

Start recording with your smartphone, and buy a camera when you want to explore new genres of videos or give a new image to the channel.


The best smartphones for youtubers

In principle, any mobile phone purchased in the last 3 years can give you a good service, but if you are thinking of renewing the one you have, here are the top 5 new smartphones with the best cameras, so that you can be the best youtuber of mobile phone.

The list is based on the quality of the sensor and the lenses that the smartphone has.

Top 5 smartphones with the best video camera

Recommendations for recording videos for YouTube with your smartphone

Record horizontally

We all hold the phone vertically, but remember to put it horizontally during the recording so that it fits the YouTube screen, and you don’t see 2 black bars on each side of the image.

Look for stability

A phone is a very unstable object. You don’t want to ruin the shot because the camera moved or dropped halfway through.

Depending on the height of the drop, you could be left without equipment! A smartphone holder is very cheap, it is not worth saving it.

Here are the best sellers:

Stability in movement

If you intend to record on the move, taking advantage of the fact that the phone is very light and you always carry it with you, it is highly recommended that you get a stabilizer.

This accessory is more than a support. It gives balance and weight to the phone, and prevents vibrations and sudden movements from being perceived in the image.

I’m sorry to tell you that no one has a stable pulse.

Try a stabilizer for smartphones and you will see how the result is noticeable.

With it, you will be able to turn and move your device without fear.

Take care of the sound

I absolutely do not recommend relying on a camera’s built-in microphone, especially when it comes from a youtuber smartphone.

The microphone must be placed very close to the mouth that speaks.

There are several types of mics that can be used, choose the one that is most comfortable for you:

Shotgun mic connected to the device

Lavalier mic with bluetooth connection

Headset mic with bluetooth or cable connection

Go into the light

If mobile cameras lack something, it is light capture. You will have to look for well-lit environments and take advantage of daylight hours.

The light of the first and last hours of the day is very beautiful, but it does not last long.

As in any photograph, you must place yourself against the light so that the image is as clear as possible.

In case you need a spotlight, I recommend these, which are small, light and work very well.

smartphone youtuber

HD quality

The latest smartphone models allow very high quality recordings, but on YouTube high definition (HD) 720 pixels is enough.

Recording in Full-HD, Quad-HD or Ultra-HD quality will make the video size huge and you will have to spend time compressing it before uploading it to the platform.

Take into account the video settings according to the platform where you are going to upload it.

Avoid interruptions

Airplane mode will prevent you from getting message notifications that interrupt and spoil the video.

Activate it before starting the recording.

Turn off auto exposure

The automatic exposure mode is used to regulate the collection of light according to the clarity of the image.

When we are making a video, this option can harm you, because it could change the tone of the image, due to the shadows, and reduce continuity.

Smartphone editing

There are several applications that can help you in editing; cut and paste frames, add posters, integrate transitions, put image and/or sound effects.

Here we explain the most used video editing Apps.

As you have seen, it is possible to have a presentable YouTube channel being a smartphone youtuber.

You will have to take into account all the practices that we have mentioned to give an impression of professionalism and that the audience does not run away from your channel.

We hope you found our tips useful and go for your success.