Stage background design

In a video we are trying to convey ideas, a visual element that will be present all the time and can help us in our goal is the stage background.

It is essential to present a background that suits what we are saying, that does not interfere with the message and is aligned with the image that we want to give as creators.

Would you believe a youtuber who tries to explain to you how to earn money, if he is filming in a small, messy and dark room? Or to someone who wants to teach design or contemporary art lessons from their grandmother’s dining room?

Next, we explain the different types of stage background that you can use in your projects so that you can choose the one that is most useful and comfortable for you.


Neutral stage background

It features an empty, plain-colored spot, and no specific spot is identified.

With a good light, without marked shadows, a soft image, it gives the impression of having been recorded in a studio and offers an image of professionalism.

It is also very easy to add labels that are legible, since they will not stand out against a colored background.

To achieve this, you just have to record in front of a plain and empty wall or use a single-color curtain.

Indoor stage background

The setting can be an identifiable place, an office, a room, etc. It will be necessary to give it a professional touch with the help of good spotlights that illuminate the face well and leave the background darker.

If the room is small, a good trick is to put the camera in a corner and use a low focal length lens. In this case you must organize and design a decoration.

There are many youtubers who take the opportunity to show a trophy in their background, which gives them a good image, figures or posters on the theme of the channel, decorative lighting that gives an impression of modernity, etc.

You must decide if the scenario will always be the same or if it will vary.

If the background is always the same, it will be a brand of the channel, an element that identifies the content.

You are going to make several videos on the same theme, it would be good if they had the same aesthetic.

Virtual stage background

Chroma is an audiovisual technique used in film, television and photography, which consists of changing a color in an image or video, usually green or blue because they are the furthest colors from human skin, and replacing that color by another image or video, through a video or photo editor.

Currently, even video conferencing softwares allow the use of chromas, it is quite common and easy to use, but you must make sure that there is no other element in the scene of the color of the chroma key (unless you want it to disappear).

Elgato Green Screen MT

Croma Elgato

Outdoor stage background

It can be an attractive and exemplary scenario when it comes to a video about travel or a documentary, but in another case, think carefully if it makes sense to record abroad, as there are several disadvantages:

  • Light is variable so useful recording time is limited
  • You depend on atmospheric phenomena.
  • Sound is harder to pick up. Here you should ideally use a handheld microphone.
  • There will be noise, which you will need to reduce in editing.
  • You will have distractions, both for yourself and for the audience.

All these inconveniences are salvageable with a good team and patience.

So, if your channel has grown enough to make «inroads» abroad, don’t be discouraged and do it.

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