The best tool for live streaming: the Stream Deck


What is a stream deck for?

Almost all creators on Twitch are using a stream deck to make their job easier. It is a button panel that acts as a controller.

Each button is a direct access to a program or action that you need to perform on your computer instantly.

It is tremendously useful for making a live broadcast, because it allows you to carry out actions such as launching GIFs, clips or music to thank your subscribers, activating the entrance and exit curtains of your channel, or quickly raising and lowering the volume , and thus prevent your viewers from getting bored and losing attention.

It is a hardware that years ago only television production companies could afford. Today, it is accessible to the average user.

Advantages of working with a stream deck in a live broadcast

With the push of a button, you can activate functions necessary for live broadcasting such as:

  • start programs and applications
  • open your Twitch or YouTube channel
  • control the volume of the equipment
  • turn the camera on or off
  • start functions, such as recording, live broadcast
  • turn the microphone on or off 
  • launch apps
  • see the number of viewers
  • post an automatic message in the chat
  • launch an ad
  • change stream title
  • launch the channel curtains
  • change font
  • open a web page
  • change scene
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • change of camera
  • control home automation

But it is not only useful for live broadcast...

Each button can translate to a function or be a folder of functions (or a folder of folders), which will make its functionality unlimited. For example, you can program a button to open your video editing functions, and when pressed, the entire button panel becomes a controller for actions such as opening the editing software, saving the image, increasing the contrast, lowering the brightness. , etc.

The stream deck is fully customizable so it will be useful to you, whether you are dedicated to broadcasting live shows, or if you use the computer for a multitude of functions, or want to introduce the elderly or children to the use of computer applications in the simplest way for them.

Not only the functions are customizable, but also the icons that you see on each illuminated button can be modified to your liking, with colors, images and text.

It allows you to establish different profiles, so you can share it with someone else by saving your personalized configuration, different from that of your partner.

With this tool you can forget about having your desktop full of direct links.

Top 3 stream decks


This stream deck is the market leader.

It is totally focused on live broadcasting, although, as we have seen, its plasticity makes it useful for a multitude of functions.

The software is easy and intuitive and comes with a plugin to create your own icons.

Automatically integrates with Game Capture, OBS, XSplit, Type Stream, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, etc.

It has 3 versions; 6, 15 and 32 keys. It comes with a stand and USB 2.0 cable.

It works for both Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 or later.


It is practical, comfortable and fully customizable


The cable it comes with is a bit short


Allows you to set folders and thus multiply your options


The USB does not work activated in the hub, it must go directly to the PC


It is compatible with nearly all softwares


Not very innovative, most functions could be programmed on an extra keyboard

This custom console for streaming, photo and video editing features customizable buttons, dials and LED touch screen.

It comes with an out-of-the-box setup, by default, for streaming and creating content, though it’s fully customizable. It is compatible with Streamlabs, OBS Studio, Twitch, Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro and much more.

Its 12 touch panels, 8 buttons and 6 rotary push-button controls provide many possibilities.

It has 2 versions; the one focused to the live broadcast and the one oriented to the edition of music, photography and video, the latter with more keys.


It has the option of loading user profiles of each software on the brand’s website


You don’t have the tactile feeling of pressing a button, when working with the LCD screen


Very good customer service


Unintuitive software


Made with high quality materials


There are cases of unstable integrations with some softwares

With this controller/mixer you will enjoy the flexibility of the IPS touch screen with more than 100 customizable fields + 4 physical buttons + 6 rotary controls of the 6 audio tracks.

Execute actions in the streaming software and show important statistics such as the number of viewers, subscriptions and even live chat.

Contains 2 independent 6-track audio mixers, one for you and one for your stream. There is XLR microphone input, optical, line input and 3 virtual PC inputs.

Allows direct integration into: RECentral, OBS Studio, StreamLabs OBS, Spotify, YouTube and Twitch. Compatible operating systems: Windows and MacOS.


The XLR input improves microphone audio quality


Usability limited to streaming and Spotify


It has some apps that you can install on the device, such as plugins for Twitch


Little information, tutorials and user manuals


In addition to being used as a keyboard shortcut controller, its mixer gives you more control over what your viewers hear


Missing integrations with many other useful programs