The best youtuber set desk chair

There are work tools that make a difference in the long term, since they improve and take care of our performance, health and comfort.

One of these is desk chairs. We leave our body in them for hours, and it is essential that they protect our spine to avoid future injuries. It may go unnoticed, but a person who works daily with his laptop can spend about 120 hours per month sitting, the same or more than a person sleeps!

Therefore, it is important to have a good chair that takes care of our posture.

The comfort of the desk chair will help us to withstand long hours of work.

Constant back pain can suffocate our humor and focus, which we so badly need to create content.

The ideal will always be to try the desk chair, since each person will need something different.

Even so, since it is not always possible, and often the purchase is made online, we must be clear about certain key concepts in order to choose the ideal chair for us.


Why choose an ergonomic desk chair?

The ergonomic desk chair is designed to combat sedentary lifestyle.

The body, which is not prepared to spend long hours sitting down, needs to have a structure that helps it maintain a correct posture, which avoids generating tension and excessively loading one’s own weight on an area of ​​the body.

Characteristics of a good ergonomic youtuber desk chair

A good desk chair must allow individual adjustment of its components to find the balance that each person needs.

Let’s remember that depending on your height, weight, hip width and individual needs, such as chronic lower back pain, you will need to customize it your way.

Features to take into account when purchasing a desk chair to work

  • Height: That the height is movable, to be able to adapt it to our height, to the height of our table and our legs are not hanging or too rigid.

  • Rocking and tilting: it is important not to always maintain the same posture throughout the working hours and to distribute the weight on the body.

  • Lumbar support: The lower back has a natural inward curve, lumbar support helps us maintain that curve and not flatten. For this it is important to adjust the support in height and pressure according to the need of our curvature.

  • Headrest: It is optional for each chair, depending on its model. It is a very useful tool to rest your neck and posture.

  • Armrests: it allows us to have a more relaxed posture and adds the advantage that if they are movable, it allows us to bring the chair closer to the table and take up less space.

  • Wheels: a chair with a 5-wheel support is ideal for stability and safety. It also gives us the possibility of making small trips, without having to get up every moment.

  • Width of the chair: It is important to measure the width of our body and compare it with that of the chair to know if our body fits comfortably.

  • Height of the backrest: that it has enough height so that our back has good support.

  • Weight: that the properties of the chair are appropriate for our weight, this is always usually in the product descriptio.

Gaming chair vs desk chair

The difference between a gaming chair or a desk chair is mainly aesthetic.

Gamers usually have a striking and robust aesthetic, while the office ones can have more discreet and minimalist models.

At the level of functionality, the two can meet your goal of comfort, so choose your youtuber set desk chair according other features.

Best Youtuber set desk chairs

Songmics OBG28G silla de escritorio youtuber chair

It has a good price-quality ratio, since it offers many advantages and comforts.

Ease of assembly and all the options to have good comfort. Its removable armrest option allows us to bring the chair closer to the desk, optimizing space.

Withstands a maximum load of 330 lb.

The height can be adjusted. It has a mechanism for adjusting the tension of the tilt mechanism. The best:

  • Thick backrest – very ergonomic.
  • Wheels with good glide, do not get stuck.
  • Folding armrests, lower them when you need them and raise them so they don’t get in the way.

Classic gaming aesthetics, with all the comforts of an ergonomic design and adjustments to achieve good comfort.

The armrests allow you to adjust its height, the adjustment system at the base of the seat and its 180-degree recline are an ideal combination for your Youtuber Set-up.

Reclining backrest 180 degrees. Supports a maximum load of 330 lb. There are 8 colors to choose from.

Its advantages are:

  • It has a lumbar cushion and a headrest pad to rest your back.
  • 35 cm nylon base with piston, which allows us to adjust the height of the chair.
  • Backrest tension regulation system at the base of the seat, which will allow you to tilt.

With an executive aspect and with all the benefits of a chair created to spend long hours in it.

Its regulation capacity gives us the possibility of molding it to our body.

It is made with polyurethane, polyester, steel, cotton, aluminum, materials that ensure good performance when using it.

Here are its strengths:

  • The high-quality mesh backing is skin-friendly, which promotes ventilation.
  • It has 8 types of ergonomic adjustments: lumbar support, height and headrest adjustment, chair height, adjustable armrests and 110°-126° recline.
  • W-shaped design to fit the shape of the hip, being able to support the body evenly.

Classic and ergonomic office model. With folding armrests. It offers the basic features for a good working posture, with lumbar support, adjustable height and backrest rocker. Tilt function up to 15°.

With a good price-quality ratio and a simple way of mounting. 

The features that make it useful are:

  • It has a more sober design, but still pretty.
  • The backrest is made with breathable fabric. Your back won’t sweat anymore.
  • Lumbar support to protect your lower back.


Inspired by high-performance motorsport. Ergonomic, adjustable gamer design.

Made with breathable and soft-touch fabric. With its padded cervical pillow and viscoelastic foam lumbar support, it is a great option for those looking for a complete aesthetic and functional option. Its 4D armrests allow us to move them in any direction.

Supports up to 265 lb.

Its advantages are:

  • Adjustable memory foam lumbar support to protect your lower back.
  • Highly reclining backrest (at 180°) so you can lie down.
  • Made with steel to last for many years.